No Vegetarian Language!

 No Health Care !

Baptists Only Vote !  Leave the poor alone ! Congress on Commission !
Help repeal child labor laws and get our kids back to work!


"I will NEVER accept health service
from any source which is funded in any way by the US federal government".

Click here for Pledge song in original German.

We know how frustrated you are with Obamaís plan to turn the US into a socialist utopia. Now is your chance to pledge your allegiance to our traditional values. By swearing that you will never take ANY healthcare which is funded or run by the US government, you send a strong smelling message to those who would help others at our expense. You will receive a beautiful certificate which you can hang above your gun rack.

Our tenets here at HCPP are:

  1. Healthcare is not a right, but a privilege which should be enjoyed by those who can afford it. We should reward those who are successful. God does.
  1. The US government should have no say in the operation or cost structure of the healthcare industry.
  1. Current plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and the VA hospital system are socialist in nature and should be abolished.
  2. The Healthcare Insurance industry provides a valuable service by filtering out the sick among us and acting as a middle-man so that we donít have to deal with paying the doctors directly.
  3. Healthcare should be subject to the forces of the open-market- and have a pricing structure based on the value of a human life. (just like any other repair service)

If you agree with our stance, then put your signature where your ideals are and join us today! We must stand our ground before we find ourselves in the same shape as Europe or England. Please send this site to you friends so that they may join ranks with us!

Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Bust FDA laws on food and water purity. Fresh possum and creek water are good enough for me! 
Increase the retirement
age to 90 and keep
Boomers off the streets!
Mandatory gun ownership for all elementary school children!
Repeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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