Global Warming -Right!

NO Health Care!

Leave the Poor Alone!

Baptists Vote Only!

Congress on Commission!

Help repeal child labor laws and get our kids back to work!

Repeal All federal Laws Created after 1898 !


Prior to the turn of the previous century, our country's laws were few and simple. It was at that time that a man could be a man. If you were out in the west you could over-power your neighbor, kill him and take his wife and goods. In this unfettered open-market of ideas and firearms, our great nation gained the momentum to rise to the top of the heap. We first had to subdue the previous tenants of this country using a combination of lead and germs.

Soon after that time, the federal government started to grow out of control. With restrictions on J.P. Morgan, Standard Oil and the magnates of industry, they broke the spirit of this vibrant economy and landed us in the great depression. It is almost exactly what is happening now with the feds trying to stop our great corporations from doing what they do best. We see what happened last time. If only we had given the captains of industry a little more time to finish their work a hundred years ago!

We call for the repeal of all federal laws after 1898. We want to set the stage for a big comeback. Laws are what is choking us now. Things like car registration, flood insurance, pollution controls and the like are killing our ability to flourish. The human animal is resilient and works best under little or no restrictions. Don't say NO to YESterday! The old ways are the best. We've come into the future and it sucks. Get your buckskins on and go get some booty!


Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Bust FDA laws on food and water purity. Fresh possum and creek water are good enough for me! 
Raise the retirement age to 90 and keep the boomers off the streets !
Mandatory gun ownership for all elementary school children!
RRepeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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