No Vegetarian Language!

NO Health Care!

Leave the Poor Alone!

Baptists Vote Only!

Congress on Commission!

Global Warming is Real!

Support the Repeal of Liberal Child-Labor Laws !


While we watch the world pass us by in the ability to manufacture goods we need, we are forgetting our most valuable resource in fighting this phenomenon. Our Children.

We spend much of the day trying to keep them occupied so that they will stay away from Drugs and Democrats. All the money and time we spend shuttling them to activities could be reduced to one trip to an after-school factory! 

We can no longer be competitive internationally without tapping this enormous pool of talent and energy. Young people would be taught the value of work and money at a tender young age. What better way to instill the American way of life into a young person's mind than to actually have them live it at 6 years old? 

Plus, your children could be bringing in needed income! With today's clean and efficient manufacturing environment, you can be sure that employers would take care of your toddlers in a way you approve of. Plus it will give you more time to spend at your Eugenics study group!

China and India have copied our goods and now are exploiting us the same way we used to help out other nations. It is high-time that we copied them and at the same time give our nation the competitive advantage it once had. Tell those liberals where to go - and give yourself more income and free time in the process. Get our 8-14 year-olds back to work!

Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Bust FDA laws on food and water purity. Fresh possum and creek water are good enough for me! 
Raise the retirement age to 90 and keep the boomers off the streets !
Mandatory gun ownership for all elementary school children!
Repeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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