No Vegetarian Language!

NO Health Care!

Leave the Poor Alone!

Baptists Vote Only!

Congress on Commission!

Help repeal child labor laws and get our kids back to work!

Bust FDA Food and Water Purity Laws !


Our food and water providers are burdened with an undue amount of restrictive laws. Modern food production techniques all but insure safe food production.  The costs to the pocketbook of consumers is really unnecessary. That 1-2% up-charge could translate to getting 1-2 more cookies in a 3 lb. bag of Chips Ahoy! This is totally unacceptable.

It is easy for a parent to select safe brands of foods after just a few short bouts of children throwing up blood. Shigellosis and other dysentery are often cured these days with simple antibiotics and steroids. As well, Federal Laws are carrying out a genocide against bacteria and heavy metals. (Billions of innocent bacteria are mercilessly killed each year. Be Pro-Life for all God's creations!)

And what about dogs? You've seen them drink water from the bottom of a dumpster and thrive. So can we! In fact, the human immune system is so under-challenged that it attacks itself out of boredom with new auto-immune diseases. With just the exposure to some rich bacteria-laden water, our health could be improved significantly. In fact, a whole new industry could be created - making filters which add pathogenic bacteria to our water!

All real American activities are sports. It is high-time to tell our legislators that we want the adventure put back in our eating experience!   Give me Liberty AND Give me Death!


Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Global Warming is Real Good !
Raise the retirement age to 90 and keep the boomers off the streets !
Mandatory gun ownership for all elementary school children!
Repeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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