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Child Labor Laws Gone!

Six Day Work Week!

Kill FDA Laws!

Age 90 Retirement!

"Give me Liberty & Give me death!"
NO Health Care!

Global Warming is real and
part of earth's and God's natural plan

Yes, Global warming was revealed to be true by Halliburton specialists in the last days of the Bush administration. The truths of this effect are both scientific and spiritual:

1. That natural balancing systems of the planet are triggered by chemical balances in the atmosphere and oceans. When any species becomes too prevalent, simple culling methods are employed to re-establish the balance and save the planet. The trigger for this culling process is C02. The process happens in a way such that the target organism ignores it - else the culling process would not work. It is vitally important that the majority of humans refute Global Warming, else the planet would perish. We must encourage and thank those who know at a "gut level" (your plumber, garbage man and anyone else in a jump suit with a real loud voice) that Global Warming is not happening. These are ecology's secret agents who insure the survival of our planet by letting mother nature do what it must. It is the Green movement that will insure the planet's destruction. How selfish can they be?

2. Jesus designed this system in order to deliver those true believers into his hands. As any good conservative knows, Jesus put this earth here for us to lord over and use for our own enjoyment. Atheist Scientists are trying to keep us from receiving our due rewards. After the glorious second coming, the earth will end and there is no reason to stay here. As God's personally-sanctioned news station Fox reports, everything we cherish is under attack and there is little chance of saving it. We must prepare in these final days- to meet our maker. A pure cotton toga with beaded belt would be the appropriate clothes. It is important for those who await Jesus to live near the water's edge, for he shall return there. Quit your job now and tell every believer you know to move to the beach and wait. Global warming is just the fires of Hell being stoked to receive earth's non-believers.

Give the poor the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle choice!
Voting only for Baptists!
(Methodists get 1/2 vote)
Ban the teaching of the Vegetarian language on public radio!
Global Warming is real good !
Pay Congress on a purely commission basis!

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