No Vegetarian Language!

NO Health Care!

Leave the Poor Alone!

Baptists Vote Only!

Congress on Commission!

Help repeal child labor laws and get our kids back to work!

Mandatory Gun Ownership for all Elementary School Children!


We have watched as our helpless children are gunned down in school shootings. This phenomenon is becoming standard operating procedure in most secular schools these days. 74% of 4th-graders are now in organized gangs or on a diet.

The only way to level the playground is to have universal gun ownership by our children.

As soon as a child can actually hold up a firearm, they should be taught how to shoot one. Enjoying guns is one of our fundamental American rights. Why should we limit that enjoyment to 18 year olds and over? The sooner a citizen can enjoy the kick of an AR-15, the joy of hosing coke cans with a Mac 10 or the burn of getting hit with lead shaved out the side of an 1879 Colt revolver, the better!

Considering our trade-imbalances with China, the 8 child per couple Islamic average birth-rate, Russia being on a national 12-step program and India discovering deodorant, it will become more and more important in their future lives to know how to defend our country.

As an added benefit, poor teachers who indoctrinate our kids with non Fox-News approved curriculum would be weeded out in a natural selection process - by their own students!

It is high-time we arm every pre-pubescent with a well-lubricated piece of their heritage. The sooner we do, the safer they and we parents will be! (we do suggest regular trips to Toys R' US after they pass their concealed carry permits)

Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Bust FDA laws on food and water purity. Fresh possum and creek water are good enough for me! 
Raise the retirement age to 90 and keep the boomers off the streets !
Global Warming is Real Good !
Repeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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