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Child Labor Laws Gone!

Six Day Work Week!

Kill FDA Laws!

Age 90 Retirement!

"Give me Liberty & Give me death!"
NO Health Care!


Ban the Teaching of the Vegetarian Language on Public Radio!


How many times have you been on the line at the bank or grocery store and heard a person with that annoying vegetarian accent? "Vud you like a Vapor or Vastic Sack?"  etc. This is America and we all need to speak American!

The vegetarian language is a contagious and persuasive way of controlling the thoughts of young people. Prompting trends on college campuses everywhere, especially among young women, it forces a rejection of America's agro-industrial lifeforce:  animal husbandry. These bogus so called VUGs (Vegetarians Until Graduation) claim not to eat meat, but they're happy to scarf down pint after pint of franken-strawberries with trout genes in them.   As Well:

"A diet high in meat fat and cholesterol has never been shown to cause the current epidemic of heart disease in America. In fact, there has never even been any proven link between them...."

-- Dr. James Schlongholder
Institute for Faith Based Science (IFBS)

NPR and PBS have encoded this language indoctrination into their broadcasts using DSSLEE "Digitally-Scrambled Sub-Lingual Enigmatic Encoding". It totally by-passes the brain's ability to disambiguate invalid information. This mass-indoctrination method was pioneered during the development of Digital HDTV and was the main reason for the government's change to digital TV.

Tell your congressman that you are not ambiguous about the repeal of the anti-pro Vegetarian language ban law - today!

Give the poor the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle choice!
Voting only for Baptists!
(Methodists get 1/2 vote)
Ban the teaching of the Vegetarian language on public radio!
Global Warming is Real Good !
Pay Congress on a purely commission basis!

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