No Vegetarian Language!

Child Labor Laws Gone!

Six Day Work Week!

Kill FDA Laws!

Age 90 Retirement!

"Give me Liberty & Give me death!"
NO Health Care!

Voting for Baptists only.
Methodists get 1/2 Vote each.


This great country of ours was founded by Baptists. The founding fathers were 98% Baptist religion. It was their great ideas which gave us the foundation of our country's value system. Do you think that Williamsburg or the Holland Tunnel could have been built by people that danced? Attempted drowning is the true path to righteousness.

It is for this reason that we should restrict voting to people of the Baptist religion. Just look at any Baptist church service on any given Sunday. You'll see well-dressed and well-healed members of our society connecting with each other in a highly formalized Bisno-Spiritual ritual. You can easily tell which are the best Baptist congregations as they have a real Starbucks coffee shop inside and not a generic one.

God has long shown the Best of his Flock - preferred treatment.
Have the Baptists been the victim of plague or slavery? No.
Have they been the victim of ridicule or poverty? No.
They are universally acknowledged as the most De-Luxe religion available to consumers.

The Methodists are half-brother to the Baptists. Even though there has been a long-term rivalry for parishioners, push-come-to-shove and these two brothers will unite against the world. This is why we suggest a 1/2 vote per person for Methodists. Methodism has always been a luke-warm, crust-cut-off version of Baptism. Let's honor that bond. People of all other religions can petition to be a proxy for a Baptist or Methodist vote.
Atheists can only vote for a $10,000 cash donation. WWJVF?

Give the poor the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle choice!
Voting only for Baptists!
(Methodists get 1/2 vote)
Ban the teaching of the Vegetarian language on public radio!
Global Warming is real
and fantastic !
Pay Congress on a purely commission basis!

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