No Vegetarian Language!

Child Labor Laws Gone!

Six Day Work Week!

Kill FDA Laws!

Age 90 Retirement!

"Give me Liberty & Give me death!"
NO Health Care!

Let the Poor Enjoy Their Lifestyle Choice !


In American we are free to choose our lifestyle. No matter if you are born on Pennsylvania avenue or in the north Bronx, you can choose the level at which you want to live.

Increasingly, many Americans are choosing to live the free-and-easy vagabond lifestyle of the poor and destitute. Fewer and fewer are choosing to be among the top 1%. With the popularity of Jack Kerouac and Huck Finn books, many are attracted to this. The wonderful freedom one gets living off the land in urban areas is a feeling which is best described with smells. Many choose homelessness after a serious illness or bankruptcy in order to take advantage of the fine foods and healthcare offered at thousands of dispensaries nation-wide. In fact, most homeless people enjoy better quality of life that those who choose to make $35,000 or less a year! It is a lifestyle choice that is increasingly popular among college graduates in the high-tech area.

Who are we to deny this true freedom to so many of our fellow citizens? Why should we try to train or in any way help folks who love their lives the way they are? We would be taking away volunteer work from so may of our senior citizens too in the process. It also goes against one of our most basic tennents,  the freedom to fail. In Communist Russia, if you were a great violinist as a kid, you'd be whisked off to some posh school to develop your talent as a national treasure. Here in the USA, you have the freedom to never develop any talent you have. You don't have to burden yourself with the work and effort required to see what you really could have done. You could have been a contender, but you can choose to be a power-slacker! That's your right- and we support it!


Give the poor the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle choice!
Voting only for Baptists!
(Methodists get 1/2 vote)
Ban the teaching of the Vegetarian language on public radio!
Global Warming is Real Good !
Pay Congress on a purely commission basis!

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