No Vegetarian Language!

Child Labor Laws Gone!

Six Day Work Week!

Kill FDA Laws!

Age 90 Retirement!

"Give me Liberty & Give me death!"
NO Health Care!

"I will NEVER accept health service from any source which is funded in any way by the US federal government".
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Privacy Policy of HCPP:

Information gathered by HCPP may be shared on occasion with secret government groups who protect us from internal traitors and terrorists. HCPP is not responsible for loss of life, loss of liberty or loss of senses during techniques used to attain more information. Lists of pledge signers may also be shared with foreign governments who may use this information to target individuals for re-education camp participation after successful invasions of the US. Even if you don't sign, your IP number and back-traced address will be happily included. If you have nothing to hide, I'd hide it.

Remember - we value your information and will use it to protect your ideals.

Thank you!

Brock Landers : L.S.M.F.T. 

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Give the poor the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle choice!
Voting only for Baptists!
(Methodists get 1/2 vote)
Ban the teaching of the Vegetarian language on public radio!
Outlaw non-petroleum-based fabrics!


Pay Congress on a purely commission basis!

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