No Vegetarian Language!

NO Health Care!

Leave the Poor Alone!

Baptists Vote Only!

Congress on Commission!

Help repeal child labor laws and get our kids back to work!

Increase the Retirement age to 90 and keep Boomers off the Streets!


Who wants to look at this every day? With 80 million Boomers retiring in the next 7 years, we could have a national disaster on our hands. These are the reasons:

1. Boomers smoked weed and are known liberals.

2. Boomers have experience in civil disobedience and political activism.

3. Boomers are sympathetic to socialist ideas.

4. Boomers will have little to loose in the last 20 years of their lives.

5. There is no money to pay for their Social Security and Medicare.

6. Old Hippies smell like B.O. and garlic.

That's right. The socialist systems they paid into during their work years are now bankrupt. All those entitlement systems were paid out to the greatest generation and there is nothing left. Even if we locked all of them up for weed, the profits from the private prison industry wouldn't be enough to keep the economy going. The only option is to raise the retirement age to 90. That will kill off 97% of them before they can file for benefits. It also gives time for the X generation to finish rearing their kids and get back to beating the drum for Ronald Reagan, the greatest American who ever lived. It is a no-brainer slam-dunk for the Old Gipper! We have successfully kept these free-thinking Communist toe-suckers from ever taking control of our country. Let's lock it down now and finish off the national nightmare known as the Boomers. (who are responsible for everything we hate - including Peace and Tofu).

Join the Six-Day work week initiative. Say NO to the Union-created Weekend!
Bust FDA laws on food and water purity. Fresh possum and creek water are good enough for me! 
Global Warming is Real Good !
Mandatory gun ownership for all elementary school children!
Repeal all federal laws after 1898! Don't say NO to Yesterday!

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